MSLDAPCredential – credential object

class msldap.commons.credential.MSLDAPCredential(domain=None, username=None, password=None, auth_method=None, settings=None, etypes=None, encrypt=False)

Describes the user’s credentials to be used for authentication during the bind operation.

  • domain (str) – Domain of the user

  • username (str) – Username of the user

  • password (str) – The authentication secret. The actual contents depend on the auth_method

  • auth_method (LDAPAuthProtocol) – The ahtentication method to be performed during bind operation

  • settings (dict) – Additional settings

  • etypes (List[int]) – Supported encryption types for Kerberos authentication.

  • encrypt (bool) – Use protocol-level encryption. Doesnt work on LDAPS